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    "The Stakes...are too high for government to be a spectator sport"

    - Barbara Jordan

    The Academy of Leadership was founded on the belief that there is leadership within every person. Our programs stress the importance of principled leadership based on core values and emphasize leadership as a process, not a position. Viewed in this way, leadership requires the responsible action of people in every part of society-not simply those in positional leadership roles.


    The Academy fosters responsible and ethical leadership through education, service, and scholarship in the public interest. Its international initiatives include leadership and civic education throughout the world.

    The Academy of Leadership has a bold mission:


    To foster leadership excellence through scholarship, education, and action with special attention to historically unrepresented groups.

  • The Board

    Meet the Board of the Academy of Leadership

    Georgia Sorenson

    Georgia Sorenson Ph.D. is currently a Leadership Scholar & Moller By Fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge University


    Before coming to Churchill College’s Møller Centre, Cambridge, she founded the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership at the University of Maryland, where she was Distinguished Research Professor. She is also co-founder of the International Leadership Association. Professor Sorenson has also served as senior policy analyst in the Carter White House, Inaugural Chair and Professor of Transformational Leadership at the U.S. Army War College, and Visiting Senior Scholar at the University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies. and the University of Maryland Carey School of Law.


    An architect of the leadership studies field, Dr. Sorenson is co-editor (with George Goethals and James MacGregor Burns) of the four-volume multi-award winning Encyclopedia of Leadership, The Quest for a General Theory of Leadership. Her latest book is on business leadership, The Power of Invisible Leadership (with Gill Hickman). Sorenson serves on the editorial board of numerous refereed journals including Leadership (U.S. Editor), Leadership Quarterly (Associate Editor, 2007-2014) and Leadership Review. She is co-editor (with Ronald Riggio) of a series, Leadership Research and Practice, for Routledge Press. Her upcoming book is on the business leadership philosophy of Béla Hatvaney.

    Suzanna Fitzpatrick

    Suzanna Fitzpatrick, is a certified nurse practitioner in a large urban hospital. In addition to clinical work as a nurse practitioner, she teaches and preceptors for new nurses and nurse practitioners.

    A published author on leadership and healthcare, she has a special interest in the transition of nurses to the novice nurse practitioner role. She also continues to volunteer in the community as a paramedic and a medical specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Her best and busiest job, is being a mother of two small children that she raises with her husband.

    Susan Shin

    Susan Shin has over two decades of experience in both the corporate and political arenas. Through these experiences, she has provided innovative leadership in operational strategy, leadership coaching and development, and customer service.


    Susan focuses on coaching organizations to grow their internal capacity and make meaningful changes within their organizations. She has partnered with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses to develop integrated solutions and strategies to improve employee effectiveness through action learning. She has also served as thought and design partner for executives and managers on working through daily challenges to make distinctive improvements to their businesses. Additionally, she has provided coaching expertise to new leaders, managers, and executives to maximize their personal and professional effectiveness.


    Previously Susan worked in key operational and leadership roles at companies such as Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, Strayer Education, Inc., and the Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Her experience in leading, managing, and coaching diverse populations and departments makes her an even more effective consultant. She understands that the human dimension is critical to move any strategy forward.


    Susan received her undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland College Park and her MBA from Harvard University.

  • Upcoming events:

    9 & 10 October 2017

    Pre-Conference Event: The James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership official opening at the Møller Centre.

    Professor Georgia Sorenson hosts a two-day celebration of the work of James MacGregor Burns.


    For more information visit www.mollercentre.co.uk



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