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    "The Stakes...are too high for government to be a spectator sport"

    - Barbara Jordan

    The Academy of Leadership was founded on the belief that there is leadership within every person. Our programs stress the importance of principled leadership based on core values and emphasize leadership as a process, not a position. Viewed in this way, leadership requires the responsible action of people in every part of society-not simply those in positional leadership roles.


    The Academy fosters responsible and ethical leadership through education, service, and scholarship in the public interest. Its international initiatives include leadership and civic education throughout the world.

    The Academy of Leadership has a bold mission:

    To foster leadership excellence through scholarship, education, and action with special attention to historically unrepresented groups.


    "A daunting ere of social and political change lies ahead for the people of our land-and of other nations. Learning from the citizens of the world, and working with them to understand and master these forces through creative, principled, uplifting leadership-that is our vision."

    James Macgregor Burns


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